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Our Mission

Some of the toughest battles we’ve fought since Warriors Inc. was founded have not been on movie sets or television sound stages. Granted changing the way Hollywood conceives, produces, and presents military films and TV programs has been a monumental, uphill fight that’s lasted nearly two decades, but there’s an audience in America and overseas that clamors for more than we can give in the limited running time of a film or a television series. Those folks are avid readers of military-themed books and we are avid writers in just that genre, but it’s hard to bring unknown authors and understanding readers together. That’s the battle we’ve decided to fight with the formation of Warriors Publishing Group. Unfortunately, commercial publishing is a very tough nut to crack and most editors in that world would be hard pressed to tell you which end of a weapon launches the bullet. We’ve taken the tried and true military approach to that situation: Innovate, Adapt and Overcome.

War stories need to be published, distributed, and consumed if we are to understand the mentality and motivation of military people. And we must do that to appreciate their service and sacrifice on behalf of this nation and our people. That’s a worthy endeavor, and it’s what our band of authors and editors is dedicated to at Warriors Publishing Group.


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