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Aztec File (The Shake Davis Series Book 7)

Shake Davis is back! Retired Marine officer Dale A. Dye returns with the seventh novel in his popular, award-winning “File” series: Aztec File. It’s time to Shake, rattle and roll.

“No one knows more about ground war and warriors than Dale Dye, and no one writes it better.” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Liberty’s Last Stand.

Author: Dale A. Dye

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When a former Marine and retired Texas Ranger drops by with evidence indicating terrorists are training south of the U.S. border, Gunner Shake Davis is more than a little interested in the back story. Determined to investigate the situation himself, Shake and his team head south across the Rio Grande where they discover a deadly connection between Middle Eastern terrorists and Mexican drug smugglers.

Following a trail that snakes across Texas leads Shake directly into a deadly confrontation with a truck-bomber at a high-stakes rodeo in Ft. Worth. Shake’s intervention prevents a large-scale massacre, gains him un-wanted nationwide recognition. . . and puts a skilled Zeta assassin smack on his trail. When the situation threatens his family, Shake Davis reverts to close-combat mode to stop the terrorists in a blazing gunfight that echoes across the Texas plains.


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