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Burma File (The Shake Davis Series Book 10)

“Dale Dye uses words to paint a cinematic landscape. Shake Davis, a larger-than-life character, also possesses a realistic humanity and compassion that is incredibly relatable. It is an incredible read.” — Keifer Sutherland, Actor, 24

“…Dye manages to combine the pacing and plotting of Stephen Hunter with the angst-rattled soldier’s sensibility of Phillip Caputo. He hits the bulls-eye dead center, resulting in a tale as riveting as it is relentless and not to be missed.” — Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series

Author: Dale A. Dye

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Having lost two of the things he treasures most, retired Marine Shake Davis is at a low ebb. His give-a-damn meter is pegged on empty until he’s contacted by a millionaire videogame producer whose wife has been kidnapped by a cutthroat band of paramilitary rebels in the deep, dark jungles of Myanmar—or Burma to Shake’s way of seeing the world. The connection between a man who has just lost his wife and another man who stands to do the same if Shake can’t or won’t help, is karma. And it sends Shake on a long, twisted, and dangerous trek into territory that is involved in the longest continuous civil war in world history. Exotic Burma—Rudyard Kipling’s inspiration and World War II battleground of Merrill’s Marauders—is the scene of a mission that nearly costs Gunner Shake Davis his life.

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