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Fighting Men

Dive into a world where Special Forces adventurers defy the limits of heroism and resilience. Step into the shoes of a Korean Minister of Agriculture, if only for a day. Experience a mini-D-Day, where Green Berets stand with Navy comrades with a quandary. Brace yourself for Operation Barroom, a daring endeavor to drop colossal elephants deep into the unforgiving Vietnamese jungle.

Author: Jim Morris

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In this gripping collection of stories, Morris transports you, taking you on a thrilling, sometimes humorous, and often bone-chilling journey into the hearts of these exceptional warriors. These men, driven to become the best, dive into the treacherous darkness of night jumps and ambushes and the brutal reality of the Green Berets and their special operations counterparts who were committed to lead, coach, mentor, and inspire native forces fighting for a chance to live free. Morris weaves intricate tales that bring the jungle alive. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable voices of these extraordinary men—some who survive and some who fall heroically.

Their stories will etch deep impressions, painting an indelible portrait of courage, sacrifice, and the triumph of the human spirit.

“Terrific! Rock-solid writing, tough and true: captures the American military experience at a critical period in the nation’s history.”
-Tim O’Brien author of The Things They Carried

“The finest warriors of this century have been the Americans who fought their wars outside the restrictions of conventional military organizations. It has been said that it’s impossible to vicariously experience Vietnam, but Fighting Men, it seems to me, gives the reader the privilege of doing just that.” -W.E.B. Griffin (from the foreword)

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