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Graves in the Sand (The Cole Williams Story Book 2)

Boland tells a thrilling tale…and he knows how to keep a reader turning the pages. –Timothy J. Lockhart, Virginian-Pilot

Boland spins a story born from more than a decade of his own experience fighting the war on drugs.
The Norwich Record

I recommend it for anyone who wants an adventure with a likable rogue (despite his faults) who is in it for the thrills, only to discover that underneath it all, he actually has a conscience. Great story.
–Ian Wood, Novellum

Author: Brian Boland

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Living an idyllic life in the Normandy region of France, former Coast Guard officer and reformed drug smuggler Cole Williams wants nothing more than to put his turbulent past behind him. The lure of open seas still calls, but he’s content to work at a bakery and spend quality time with the love of his life and a baby daughter they both adore.

And then Cole’s sordid smuggling transgressions suddenly surface like a marauding submarine. He’s snatched back into a dark world where oceans are simply avenues for criminal enterprise. Blackmailed with threats of prison or worse, Cole is forced to join a small international team working to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into America. The plan is to plant him among smuggling rings running drugs, weapons, human beings, and any other lucrative cargo by sea into the U.S. via the Gulf of Mexico. Ensconced as a mole among brutal criminal bands, Cole must navigate dangerous waters to uncover a deadly plot that threatens thousands of innocents in his homeland.

Cole Williams may not survive his return to sea, but he has no choice. To survive, he will have to swim with killer sharks or be eaten by them.


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