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Marines and Renegades

Rackovitch’s descriptions of the Marines and the Japanese in his novel brings back memories of friends and enemies alike. — Donald Mckendry – With the 14th Marines WWII

The Author does a great job of defining the characters, both American and Japanese. Highly recommended for very interesting reading. — Sergeant Rowland Lewis, 4th Marine Division, WWII

The personnel encountered in his novel brought back many memories, for any Marine, former or present, highly recommended reading. — Tom Reese – Drill Instructor – U.S Marines – Korean War

Author: Gene Rackovitch

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In December of 1945 on Guam, two Japanese soldiers attempted to surrender to a patrol of Marines. The Marines, assuming them to be armed, shot and killed them. Another Japanese soldier witnessed the incident from the jungle. He fled, and his previous assessment of the treacherous Americans was enhanced. His zeal for retribution became ingrained in his psyche.

In September of 1946, four Marines on a routine patrol seeking renegade Japanese who had been stealing from the outlying villages on Guam are ambushed by the renegades. One of them was the zealous Japanese soldier. The incident brings about a chain of events that leaves the reader wondering…who are the true renegades? The Marines or the Japanese?

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