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Sea Hunt: A Novel in the World of Shake Davis

“Dye…is a superb storyteller who gets his details and language right….When you pick up a Dale Dye book, you know it will be professional, well-written, and a page-turner.” —David Wilson, VVA Books

“Dale Dye has a flair for telling stories and evoking images. His details about Marine life are accurate…Dye has the ability to draw the reader far enough into the story that the reader sees with the author’s eyes and feels with his emotions…Dye’s ability to tell a story the way it really happens is rare, and one sincerely hopes this book will not be his last….”
–Orlando Sentinel

Author: Dale A. Dye

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She is most definitely a chip off the old Shake Davis block. In fact, her Dad is more than a little proud of his daughter, who is both a research scientist oceanographer at the famed Woods Hole Institute and a U.S. Navy Reserve officer. When Tracey Davis is called to do her annual active duty stint at the Navy’s diving center in the Florida panhandle, her retired Marine father thinks its a great opportunity where his only child will be well-occupied—and out of harms way. He’s right and wrong. Lt. (j.g.) Tracey Davis is well-occupied leading active duty sailors at the base Ocean Systems office, but she’s hardly safe. When an old friend from her days working in Belize shows up looking for one of the girls they saved from sex traffickers in Central America, Tracey finds herself in very deep and dangerous waters—full of marauding sharks and deadly human predators.

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