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Signal on the Hill: (The Cole Williams Story Book 3)

Boland tells a thrilling tale…and he knows how to keep a reader turning the pages. —Timothy J. Lockhart, Virginian-Pilot

The novel is a fast read and a view of a life and experience not known to many Americans. Cole’s story could be used to set up a series of books about him, certainly centered on the little known battles faced by the Coast Guard in protecting our southern border. —Paul Lane, Palm Beach

Boland spins a story born from more than a decade of his own experience fighting the war on drugs. —The Norwich Record

I recommend it for anyone who wants an adventure with a likable rogue (despite his faults) who is in it for the thrills, only to discover that underneath it all, he actually has a conscience. Great story. —Ian Wood, Novellum

Author: Brian Boland

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Former Coast Guard officer Cole Williams is taking a big mental and emotional break. He’s hoping some time with an old buddy in the winter wilds of Newfoundland will calm the conflicts he’s feeling after a lifetime of running fast boats throughout the Caribbean on both sides of a brutal drug war. There is a lot for him to think about as he wanders through the fog and salty air of a remote seaside town. Cole is contemplating mistakes, misdeeds, and loss, trying hard to isolate himself from it all—but that can’t last. Before long, he’s up to his eyeballs in a dangerous plot involving drugs and guns that his old friend has discovered. Like it or not, Cole Williams must get back in a deadly game, operating as he always does in that little sliver of darkness between good and evil.

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