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The Batter’s Box: A Novel of Baseball, War, and Love

Gold Medal Winner from the Military Writers Society of America!

“As a historian, a World War II veteran, and a devoted baseball fan, I can say that Andy Kutler’s imaginative dive into the past gave me special pleasure, but his new novel, THE BATTER’S BOX, will richly reward any reader who enjoys a gripping and skillfully told tale.” — Bernard A. Weisberger, historian and author of When Chicago Ruled Baseball

“Andy Kutler’s THE BATTER’S BOX is a compelling story about a star athlete’s transition from All-Star baseball player to shell-shocked veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Kutler’s protagonist, Will Jamison, is an authentic and captivating hero trying to make sense of his world after enduring the horrors of the Battle of the Bulge. Though he survived the war, Jamison’s battle is far from over as he tries to reintegrate into post-war America. I couldn’t put down THE BATTER’S BOX. It may be a work of historical fiction, but the story was all too real for many of America’s veterans. This is a must-read about those who survive a war only to realize the fight for their future in peacetime has only just begun.” — Leo Barron, award-winning author of Patton at the Battle of the Bulge: How the General’s Tanks Turned the Tide at Bastogne

Author: Andy Kutler

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In 1946, a returning World War II veteran is determined to reclaim his place among professional baseball’s upper echelon and win back the woman he once fell for. Two months into the new season, at the top of his game, he abandons his team, casting aside his fame and riches and vanishing forever from the public eye. What drives a man to walk away from everything he cherishes, never to be heard from again?

The Batter’s Box follows the path of Will Jamison, a star player with the Washington Senators who enlists in the U.S. Army following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. When the war ends, Jamison returns to Washington, a decorated hero tormented by deep emotional scars. Burdened with a crushing guilt and harrowing memories he cannot escape, Jamison’s life is consumed by an explosive temper, sleepless nights, and a gradual descent into alcoholism. Will he continue, alone with his anguish and misery? Or will he level with those around him, including the woman he loves, and seek the professional care he desperately needs, even at the risk of exposing his most closely guarded secrets?

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