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Delta File (The Shake Davis Series Book 9)

“Shake Davis is back! Author Dale Dye gives us action, guts, and a fitting Memorial Day tribute to the glory of our warrior’s past. A gripping tale of pride and commitment to the courageous values that made America great.”
Mark Greaney, #1 NYT bestselling author of One Minute Out

Author: Dale A. Dye

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A bit bored and in a contemplative mood, Gunner Shake Davis examines a pile of long-forgotten family heirlooms and discovers a couple of mysterious relatives that pique his interest: A Confederate Navy riverboat captain and a World War I Marine who fought at Belleau Wood. In an attempt to learn more about those intriguing kinsmen, Shake undertakes a nostalgic road trip back to his old home ground. Memory Lane becomes a deadly minefield when he stumbles on a gruesome human organ harvesting operation running right in the American heartland.

“Locked and loaded with action and mayhem: oh-man does Shake Davis deliver! From stem-to-stern, Dale Dye’s Delta File is filled with all the guts and twice the glory. Read it today!”
Rip Rawlings, bestselling author of Red Metal

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