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Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back

A gold medal winner from the Military Writers Society of America

The story of an Afghan refugee, actor and U.S. patriot. Patriotism led Fahim Fazli to become an interpreter. He requested to be on the front lines, and was stationed at an Afghan forward operating base for the Marines. He was so successful in bridging two cultures that the Taliban put a price on his head. – JIM FENNELL New Hampshire Union Leader

“When Fahim Fazli speaks, we are fascinated.” – Tom Hanks, CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR

FAHIM SPEAKS gets my highest recommendation – it’s a must read. What a TRULY AMERICAN story of perseverance and service! – Hodge Wood, Military Writers Society of America

Authors: Fahim Fazli with Michael Moffett

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Fahim Fazli is a man of two worlds: Afghanistan, the country of his birth, and America, the nation he adopted and learned to love. He’s also a man who escaped oppression, found his dream profession, and then paid it all forward by returning to Afghanistan as an interpreter with the U.S. Marines. When Fahim speaks, the story he tells is harrowing, fascinating, and inspiring.

Born and raised in Kabul, Fahim saw his country and family torn apart by revolution and civil war. Dodging Afghan authorities and informers with his father and brother, Fahim made his way across the border to Pakistan and then to America. After reuniting with his mother, sisters, and another brother, he moved to California with dreams of an acting career. After 15 turbulent years that included two unsuccessful arranged marriages to Afghan brides, he finally qualified for membership in the Screen Actors Guild-and found true American love.

Though Fahim’s California life was happy and rewarding, he kept thinking about the battlefields of Afghanistan. Haunted by a desire to serve his adopted country, he became a combat linguist. While other interpreters opted for safe assignments, Fahim chose one of the most dangerous: working with the Leathernecks in embattled Helmand Province, where his outgoing personality and deep cultural understanding made him a favorite of both Marines and local Afghans-and a pariah to the Taliban, who put a price on his head.

Fahim Speaks is an inspiring story of perseverance and patriotism-and of the special love that one man developed for his adopted country.

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