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War Story

A Green Beret veteran recreates the horrors of the Vietnam War experience and the courage and camaraderie of the men who fought side-by-side with the Montagnards, fiercely independent primitive tribesmen from the central Vietnam highlands

“If you want to know how it really was in the Special Forces in Vietnam, this is the book to read—no fantasy, no antiwar message, just a true war story.”
–Major General Jack Singlaub, USA (Ret.), former commander, Special Operations Group, Vietnam

“Jim Morris is an unusual case…a writer whose style is spare, controlled, sprung with tension, whose subject matter is war, whose obvious purpose is to ‘tell exactly what it’s like’—all dicta impeccably consonant with the Hemingway canon, and yet he is still very much his own man.”
–The Editors of Esquire

War Story is very real, and the low-key approach gives it all the more impact.”
Publishers Weekly

Author: Jim Morris

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This is the story of Vietnam, written by a former Green Beret who loved a country and its people. It reveals the devastation, atrocities, and death that the news media failed to cover. Morris also speaks of quiet tragedy, complete terror, and the serene, lush vistas of a land that is no longer free—along with the bravery and camaraderie he encountered.

Vividly, War Story describes the role played by the Special Forces with the truth and conviction that come from firsthand experience in this “war without heroes.”

Morris served as a strategist for a Montagnard strike force, and his guerrillas defeated and outwitted the Viet Cong in his sector. The Montagnards, also known as Yards by U.S. Advisors, were tribal and clannish. Americans who sought to advise them or lead their efforts had to first endure a frustrating process of gaining their trust and respect. Jim Morris successfully completed this tough mission and became a brother to the Rhadé people.

In War Story, Morris tells of the early days and the Tet Offensive in 1968, of the slaughters and the beauty, of the violence, the courage, the loyalty, and the loss…

It is the most widely admired Special Forces memoir to come out of the Vietnam War.

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