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As a Marine Noncommissioned Officer, Michael Stokey volunteered for three consecutive tours in Vietnam during which he was involved in some of that conflict’s most brutal fighting, including the Tet Offensive at Hue and the siege at Khe Sanh. He is highly decorated as a result of line combat and was wounded in action. During these tours of duty he forged a close and lasting relationship with Dale Dye (Capt., USMC, Ret.) and volunteered to help Dye in the formation and functioning of Warriors, Inc. Over the years with Warriors he has served in virtually every advisory capacity and has been the principal advisor and/or assistant for Warriors in all military entertainment endeavors from major motion pictures to video games. In civilian pursuits, he has worked as an Associate Producer for STUMP THE STARS (aka PANTOMIME QUIZ), and has written more than 60 half-hour animated television shows for children including He-Man and Gulliver’s Travels. His book River of Perfumes is painful, gritty and emotional, and you will not be able to put this book away until you follow these Marines from their childhood homes to the streets of Hue City full of blood, sweat, and body bags.

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