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Shaun joined the Army at 17, reenlisted for Special Forces at 20, left at 27 to attend college in Puerto Rico, gained B.A. and J.D. degrees, and after short stints as a bilingual Social Worker, then Attorney, returned to Army Special Forces. After retiring in 1989, he spent 17 years in Intelligence, initially with the Joint Special Operations Command, then Mexico City, followed by Panama, Puerto Rico and Seoul, Korea. He speaks French, Spanish, Vietnamese (intermediate), Portuguese (with difficulty), and once qualified in Dutch/Afrikaans. His military and historical articles have appeared in Army, Infantry, Military Review, An Cosantoir, Special Warfare Magazine, and Vietnam magazines. His goal in fiction writing is to spin an entertaining and believable tale set against a background of unerring historical accuracy. He is currently working on a novel set among the ethnic Cambodians (Khmer Krom) of Vietnam’s Seven Mountains Region in the Mekong Delta.

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